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Tales of the Ninja Kitty
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In July 2013, I met my lovely partner R and his equally lovely cat Ninja. By now the three of us live between our two flats. Neither flat has direct garden access, making her an indoor cat for the foreseeable future. So in February 2014 we bought her a harness from Mynwood Cat Jackets and started taking her for walks. To the delight of everyone all around, including random passers-by in Dunbar's Close Gardens, Ninja took to it like a duck to water.

It's also a big thing for me, because I have severe ME/CFS and have been mostly housebound for years, albeit with a bit of an improvement recently. Cats turn out to amble along at the perfect speed for me, and we've found places near both our flats which are liberally sprinkled with benches for me to rest on. I haven't spent so much time outdoor in years! So I'm really appreciating seeing how the plants change from week to week, and just being around trees and grass. And gravestones. We both live near some rather nice graveyards, so part of this blog will involve pictures of strange gravestones from centuries past.